nalani clisset

Born and raised in Colorado, Nalani’s heart has always been connected to nature and all the wonderful activities of that come with living in it.  Though mountain biking, rock climbing and snowboarding bring her much joy, her favorite part of soaking up the great outdoors is just going for a walk, hike or run on a clear Colorado day; foot-to-ground, connecting with all the earth’s beautiful sights and sounds. This deep desire and passion for connection is what has always driven Nalani, personally and professionally.
This passion has lead Nalani to pursue and embrace many different skills and practices that all come back to the importance of connection and sharing. Music and Performance have been the most prominent in her life. As a professional Musician, singing and playing bass, Nalani, has had the great pleasure of connecting with many people from every walk of life. This experience in music has taught her the value of bringing people together on the common ground of sharing in something they love.
While earning her degree in Jazz performance at William Paterson University, Nalani played a crucial role in organizing social, educational, and cultural events, health and wellness presentations, and festivals. Since she graduated in 2012, Nalani has lived in 5 different states and had the opportunity to tour the east coast making music, perform to Audiences of up to 5,000, organize festivals and art shows, and work as an apprentice learning the Ancient healing art form of Tibetan Cranial.
In 2014, Nalani had the pleasure of bringing all these skills together when she joined the Adventure Fit team. Though this was her first experience in the athletic events arena, it holds the same value for her, bringing people together and moving them in a positive way. Putting on these events gives her the satisfaction of feeling people’s joy, playfulness and unity, whether they are climbing through challenging obstacles and crossing a finish line, or letting loose on the dance floor and singing along.