josh kravetz

Adventure Fit President

Josh Kravetz laid first tracks in Austin, TX while getting his business degree at the University of Texas. He created a cycling team strategy that not only helped he and his friends race their mountain bikes to championship titles, but also was instrumental in developing one of Austin’s most iconic cycling businesses, Ozone Bike Dept. Upon completing his degree in 1998, he was fascinated with the exploding internet industry and learned the trade of internet marketing. The dotcom wave was a fun ride, but eventually crashed and Josh turned to his true passion – making bicycles a way of life.

He founded Adventure Fit in 2002 as an outdoor fitness training company, leading a crew of trainers who taught clients mountain biking, kayaking, climbing, and yoga. Adventure Fit produced its 1st event, the Urban Assault Ride, as a way to combine all the cool elements of the active lifestyle. Josh quickly grew the Urban Assault Ride into one of the largest cycling events in the nation and transitioned Adventure Fit into a successful experiential sports marketing company.

Today, Josh continues to lead the Adventure Fit team to create and produce new events and strategies for the active sector. He lives and rides in Boulder, CO with his wife Jackie, and three kids.