jackie kravetz

Adventure Fit Vice President

Jackie hails from Milwaukee, Wisconsin where physical movement and creativity were fused into her being at the blossoming age of three when she began dancing. She holds a B.F.A in Dance from the University of Milwaukee and a M.F.A. in Dance and Choreography from Arizona State University. After teaching modern dance at ASU, she moved the to the bright lights and big city of NYC where she danced professionally.

Jackie’s fitness was a huge part of her success as a Dancer and also what landed her a job at Adventure Fit., which was initially an outdoor training company prior to taking on event production. When it came time to produce Adventure Fit’s 1st event,  Jackie was brought in for her creativity and drive. Due to her exceptional skill at directing the many moving pieces of an event, she quickly helped Adventure Fit make a name for itself in the industry. In her 9 years with the company, she has directed more than 50 events, organized 1000′s of volunteers, and made many participants smile with her creative event ideas.