about us

Adventure Fit is an Event Marketing company that specializes in connecting the right brands with the right events. Our deep understanding of the active marketplace allows us to develop creative events and results-driven solutions for our clients. A great event can truly change a person’s life – opening their eyes to a new lifestyle, as well as the sponsors tied into this lifestyle. A participant’s “event experience” is an incredible opportunity for a brand to connect with a customer. Strategically matching the right sponsors with the right event presents a win-win-win situation. The event wins as it benefits from sponsorship fees, the brand wins as it reaches its target audience in a meaningful way, and the participant wins from the brand interaction.

Founded on the slogan “Come out and Play!”, Adventure Fit has produced some of the country’s most popular participatory events. Our events are not only fun and unique, they also have a deeper goal: to open the eyes of our participants to a world of greater social and environmental responsibility. We partner exclusively with companies that have sustainable business practices and give back to non-profits around the country.

We produce our own events and provide sponsorship management services for other events. Sponsorship can be an extremely lucrative revenue stream for events, however few events are able to leverage their event to its fullest sponsorship potential. Managing a sponsorship program can be very difficult for an event, especially for events that are in multiple markets. This is where we can help.